What Road Sign Describes You Best?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Stop Sign
While you may be busy in your day to day life, you know how to appreciate everything in front of you. You take life slowly and take in all that's around you. You have no problem to take a moment in your life and stop and smell the roses.

Ahead Only
A lot of things have happened in your life to make you who you are but you don't like to dwell on it. You're always looking towards the future and never towards the past. You can't wait to see what new opportunities life has in store for you.

70 Mph
You're always on the move in your busy life. You rarely have a moment to relax and enjoy life around you. There never seems to be enough time in your life to get everything done.

Sharp Bend
You are a very spontaneous person and people can never guess what you'll be up to next. You love to live life on the dangerous side and you're always up for a new adventure. You're not one for careful planning but instead you throw caution to the wind.

Give Way
The one thing you have the most difficulty in life doing is telling someone no. You're a pretty big-hearted person and you hate disappointing people. You love to make others smile so you usually will do the task asked of you.