Which Prehistoric Period Are You From?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Stone Age
The Prehistoric age that you belong in is the Stone Age! You're a very old soul who loves to do things the old fashioned way. You love working with your hands and aren't afraid to get a little dirt on your brow bone. You love a good challenge and never back down from a fight. If there was ever a prehistoric period for you, it's the stone age!

The Metal Age
The prehistoric period you belong in is the Metal Age! You're an innovative and creative soul who is always thinking of ways to make things better. You're never satisfied with how things are, often opting to look for a new way of doing things. Your ingenuity and ambition would have went over quite well in the metal age.

The Golden Age
The prehistoric era you belong in is the golden age! You're all about art, culture, ands style. You don't like to get your hands dirty and prefer more intellectual pursuits. You pride yourself on being good at a whole host of creative endeavors, including painting, drawing, and sewing. You truly belong in this era!