Which Crooner Did You Date In A Past Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Frank Sinatra
The crooner you would have dated in a past life is none other than legend Frank Sinatra! You love a man who is confident, suave, and totally charismatic. Frank would have serenaded you once and that would have been the end of your heart!

Dean Martin
In a past life, you would have dated crooner Dean Martin! You love your men to be tall, dark, handsome, and chock full of charm. Not only would you have found Martin's humor to have been irresistible, but that voice would have made you weak in the knees!

Fred Astaire
In a past life, you would have dated crooner Fred Astaire! You'd never date a man that was a one trick pony. In fact, you find raw talent and charm to be the two most important qualities in a man. Fred would have easily swept you off of your feet!

Bing Crosby
In a past life, you would have dated the velvet-voiced crooner Bing Crosby! Not only would Bing's blue eyes have left you weak in the knees, but his smooth and calming voice would have made your heart grow ten sizes bigger.

Andy Williams
In past life, you would have dated genial crooner Andy Williams! Andy was charming, kind, and respectful. Unlike so many men of present day, Andy reportedly knew how to woo the best of them with his boyish good looks and endless charm.