What Should Your Go-To Lip Color Be?

Wondering what lip color you should buy next? Let us help you out. Just take this easy quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You're normally a risk-taker, but you've been there and done that already. After years of experimenting, you're now OK and ready to opt for a nude shade. It's trendy, attractive, and totally understated. Surprised? Once you put it on, you'll see how confident it makes you! And in turn, your outfits are going to smolder.

Light Pink
You're a sweet girl, and you love to pull off a look of innocent sexiness. You aren't overly forward or anything, but you know how to pull off that girl-next-door charm. Light pink is definitely your shade!

You're edgy and artsy. You love to do creative stuff, as a hobby, a career, or both. You have either piercings or tattoos, or both. And when it comes to style, you know how to pull off a carefree, edgy vibe, all while looking stunningly gorgeous. Burgundy is the lip color for you!

Bright Red
You are sexy, forward, confident, and awesome. You love attention and wearing anything that draws the eye of others. Bright red is your ultimate lip color for sure!

You're dark and mysterious. You're edgy but in a gothic kind of way. And you totally don't follow those trends that every teenage girl, twentysomething, and thirtysomething are falling over. You're original, and as such, you need a lip color that stands out in an unexpected way. Black is the ideal lip color for you!