You Are Smart Like Whom?

Ever wonder what famous genius you are most like? Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are smart like Shakespeare, which means you are excellent not only with language but also with understanding people. Your ability to gain insight into people and situations no matter what the circumstance gives you an edge in everything from politics to entertainment. You can then use your skills to make people laugh, cry, or be overcome with wonder!

You are smart like Einstein, perhaps the most famous scientist and one of the most famous historical figures period. Like you, what made Einstein great wasn't just his mathematical skills. It was his endless curiosity and his ability to let go of assumptions and view things like no one else had before.

You are smart like Socrates, which means you have a definite feeling for truth and what is right and wrong. No matter how complex or threatening the situation, you can see past peer pressure and what other people expect, to see into the heart of the matter. You are also very good at asking questions, not just supplying answers.

Alexander the Great
You are smart like Alexander the Great, which means you are great with people, politics, and strategy. Your confidence bolsters your intelligence, and there is no problem you can't solve by using insight, cunning, strength, or even charm. In addition to your ability to deal with the harsh realities of war, you are also intelligent in sophistication. You can throw a fine party and demonstrate the height of luxury.

You are smart like Mozart, whose musical abilities have wowed people for generations. You are not one to specialize. Like Mozart, who played a number of instruments and composed all kinds of music, your intelligence is versatile and creative. Furthermore, you have the ability to find beauty and patterns in both the simplest and most complex things.

Leonardo da Vinci
You are smart like Leonardo da Vinci, which means you have a fine balance of many kinds of intelligence. You are creative, analytical, artistic, scientific, inventive, esoteric, and common. You can excel at anything you put your mind to. However, sometimes your variable skills can baffle people, leaving you seeming mysterious!