Was Your High School A Dud?

Have you ever wished you could turn the clock back and get more out of high school?

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Wow! Where did you go to high school? This place sounds like a dream! Not only did you get a leg up in the academic arena, you had a genuinely enjoyable experience in high school. Your student body was diverse and supportive, and you all learned a lot about life from each other. You probably made at least one or two lifelong friends, maybe even some lifelong teachers. Lucky you!

Above Average
Let's be honest, you don't have much to complain about! Sure, the cafeteria food might not have been great, but you got a lot of learning done at your high school. Your teachers were enthusiastic about their subjects, and the student body was upbeat and eager to learn (aside from a few romantic skirmishes here and there). You probably have fond memories of your high school years.

Well, it wasn't a total waste of time... But there was still a lot of room for improvement. Perhaps you had one or two great teachers who made a big impact on your life, and maybe your group of friends helped to shelter you from the dog-eat-dog masses. You managed to scrape a few important lessons out of high school, but perhaps the most important one was 'it has to get better than this!'

A Dud!
You probably knew this was coming! Your high school was a complete waste of time. Between teachers whose eyes glazed over 30 years ago and students acting like vicious hellions, you had little chance to learn anything in your high school. Plus, the extracurricular activities were a joke! And let's not even get started about the cafeteria food. Good thing nothing lasts forever!