Could You Cut It As An NBA Wife?

Do you have what it takes to be an NBA wife? Take this quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

No Way!
You're far from wife material! You're too busy having fun and living life to tie yourself down to one man, no matter how rich, famous, or athletic he is! So keep on doing you and get yourself a couple of NBA boyfriends to keep you company until you're ready to settle down.

You're the jealous type. Fame and fortune do not mix well with jealousy, especially if your man is gone six months out of the year, traveling with a squad of smoking-hot cheerleaders. Could you trust him to stay faithful? Probably not. And your marriage would suffer.

You're a pretty easygoing gal who doesn't mind getting sweaty. You'd keep your man on the level by working out together and making sure he eats healthy, and you wouldn't mind him being gone during away games. We'd see you courtside every home game, cheering him on of course!

Of Course!
You want all the glamour of a famous marriage without any of the work, so marrying a famous athlete is the definition of perfection for you. You get the gorgeous wedding dress, the expensive caterers, and the flashing camera lights without having to deal with the annoying man. He'll be gone half of the year anyway, so you get the mansion to yourself.