What Is Your Fairy-Tale Name?

If you were locked in a tower, poisoned by an apple, or chased by a wolf, what would your fairy-tale name be?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a lover of animals. Your kind heart is often taken for granted by humans, but animals return your love quickly. You enjoy being out in nature, and you do everything you can to preserve our earth!

You love to be the center of attention. You aren't selfish or self-centered; you just enjoy being around people and entertaining them. You are fashionable and work hard to always be at your best.

You are a bit of a follower. You could easily take care of yourself, but you find yourself going along with others' plans even when you have a feeling that it isn't the best idea. You are a great friend and encourage all of your friends to follow their dreams. You just need to follow a few of your own!

You love all things beautiful, and what is really great about you is that you find beauty in places others don't see it! You are great at turning trash into treasures. People are always wondering where you get this thing or that thing, and your answer is almost always that you made it yourself!

You love to be in charge. You have an extremely hard time taking orders, and you often feel that others are not smart enough to make good decisions. You know how to get what you want, and you are not afraid to go for it! You don't like weakness, and if you sense it in others, you know how to quickly take advantage of it. You are not mean, really; it is just that you are smarter than most people realize.

You are a fun-loving free spirit. You are athletic and adventurous. You never stay in one place for very long, and you hate to be cooped up. You are also not great at keeping yourself safe, as you are often too excited for the adventure to worry about the risks!