Europe Quiz: How Worldly Is Your Knowledge Of Europe?

Find out how much you really know about Europe, a continent that brought us cappuccinos, world wars, wine, and kilts!

Tags: Europe, Geography, Continent

Here are all the results with descriptions

Nothing about Europe!
Zut alors... What were you doing in high school? It is almost more work to know this little about Europe. How you managed not to learn a single thing about this continent that is the source of so many foods, so much art, so many wars, and so many story lines is beyond comprehension. It is time to crack open a book and see if you can pick up a thing or two.

Very Little about Europe
You may know a couple of things, but there is so much more to know. It isn't hard to learn a thing or two since so many stories and movies are set in Europe!

A Little Bit about Europe
You have a decent knowledge of European history, culture, and geography. You are certainly very aware of major events and landmarks, and should feel good about remembering things you learned about Europe over the years. You certainly have a lot more to learn if you are ever so inclined!

A Lot about Europe
Wow, you really do know a lot about Europe. You are obviously fond of this continent's rich past and amazing culture. If you haven't been a time or two, it is time to pack your bags and get out and enjoy all Europe has to offer!

Everything about Europe!
You are a Europe expert. You know about its amazing and complicated history, its geography, and all its rich culture! Are you actually from Europe? If you aren't, you could certainly pretend and get away with it!