Are You a Rebel or a Yankee?

Do you whistle Dixie or sing Yankee Doodle?

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A Rebel
You're a rebel through and through. You fight passionately for what you believe in and you never give up. You know what's important to you and you'll risk anything to protect it. You're impetuous, wild and committed. You follow your dreams no matter where they lead.

Mostly a Rebel
You're an idealist, always loyal to the things in life you feel you have a responsibility to uphold and protect. You see the challenges around you and sometimes have to struggle between what you know to be right and what you feel you must do. There is very little you would not do in order to fight for what you believe in and always look for a way to soldier on, even when thinks look bleak.

Part Rebel, Part Yankee
You hold dear the traditions and values that you grew up with but also know that sometimes you have to change and evolve. You believe strongly in preserving and nourishing what works while discarding all the rest. You're not afraid of change or progress and you're always ready to adapt but through it all you try to remain true to who you have always been.

Mostly Yankee
Justice, loyalty and a better world for all, this is what you will always struggle for, but you understand that this isn't always easy and that people won't always get along. You're good at seeing both sides in every argument but while you will always defend your beliefs, you are also able to sympathize with those who think differently from yourself. You believe there should be more talking and less fighting and always look for the diplomatic solution in every disagreement.

A Yankee
You believe in community, being a part of something greater than yourself and fighting for the greater good. You are deeply invested in politics and are always sure to vote. You believe deeply in giving back and helping others in need. You will go to any lengths to right injustice.

Elkhart Lake
You are neither a Rebel nor Yankee and even if you were born and bred in the USA, there is something very European about you: you view things in a different light than most of the people around you and can see things from your own unique perspective. You're sophisticated and mature. Able to approach problems and make decisions without your emotions getting in the way, you can always offer your calm, levelheadedness in any given situation.