Which American Gangster Are You?

Are you more Dillinger or 'Pretty Boy' Floyd? Take this quiz and find out which American gangster you are!

Here are all the results with descriptions

John Dillinger
You've got a colorful personality and love being the center of attention. It feeds your huge ego. Some people would call you cocky, but most just wanna hang around you and swoon over your swagger.

'Baby Face' Nelson
You can't take a joke. You hate nicknames or anything that stabs at your pride, and you've got a pretty short temper, which is bad news for anyone in your line of fire. Luckily, you have enough good friends who don't take your temper tantrums personally, and they willingly follow you anywhere.

'Pretty Boy' Floyd
You're sensitive. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for it either, because you still have a tough side that comes out whenever anyone you care about is threatened. Sure, you might rob a bank or two, maybe even kill a guy, but it's only to protect yourself and the people who have no one else looking out for them.

Al Capone
You are literally one of the cruelest crooks out there. You'll do anything to get your way. Bullying and intimidation tactics are your forte, and you have your fingers in everyone's pie, because no one--and we mean NO ONE--runs a game on you. You think 'big picture' and always have all your bases covered--just in case.

Machine Gun Kelly
You live your life on the edge. You only live once, so you might as well live it up, right? Kidnap an oil tycoon, open fire on police, and then represent yourself in court, because you've got nothing to lose. You're not even in it for the money. It's the excitement you crave. Don't ever let that flame burn out.

'Bugsy' Siegel
You are the life of the party! You love to take a little risk, whether it's pulling a prank or starting a fight. You belong on the Vegas Strip, which was basically invented by 'Bugsy' in his attempt to become a legit businessman. But you know that you're way past all that basic business bullshit. You are here for the fame, the fortune, and the party. Cheers!