What Kind Of Movie Goer Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Early Bird
As far as movie goers go, you are an early bird. You love matinee shows. Not only do you love the discounted price, but you enjoy having that big old theater all to yourself. Prop your feet up on the back of the chair? Why not! You're all alone, you have free reign.

The Sound Effect Queen
You are a sound effect queen! You're not necessarily loud, but you can't help but gasp, cry, eek, and laugh wildly when you find something entertaining. In some ways, you make a movie all the better, by adding drama to the overall experience!

The Quiet Whisperer
You are a quiet whisperer! When something happens in a movie, you hate to keep it to yourself. You can't help but whisper to the person next to you or even to yourself. You love to make comments about things that are visually pleasing.

The Messy Eater
You are a messy eater! You're the movie goer who is always spilling popcorn, skittles, and everything in between. You can be a bit noisy, but we can't fault you. You're enjoying yourself and that's all that really matters!

The Open Weeper
You are an open weeper! You're the type of movie goer who completely gets into a film. You can't help but identify with characters and their plight, often causing you to openly weep and feel badly in a crowded theater. We commend you for wearing your emotions proudly!