Which Trendy U.S. City Should You Move To?

Pack your bags! Time to find out which trendy U.S. city you should be living in already!

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Portland, OR
You need to move to the most hip city on the map. Obvs. Portland has everything you need, from farmers' markets to chicken coops and amazing, local, gluten-free bakeries. Pay no attention to the increasingly high unemployment rate. Cool kids don't have jobs. They work from home, remember? And you've probably already established your Etsy account enough to move out of your mom's basement and into Portland, so you've got nothing to worry about.

Austin, TX
Stay weird. Move to Austin. It's the only place in Texas that will welcome a tattooed, Mohawked, gum-chewing weirdo like you. You should probably learn how to play an instrument though. With all those tattoos, it's unlikely you'll find a job that pays well enough to afford the rent downtown, so you're only hope for success is starting a band.

San Francisco, CA
Even if all the new tech-gurus are moving to Austin, you need to get into San Fran while the scene is changing. You'll still find all the favorite foodie hangouts, but the trend rules of the neighborhoods are a-changing. You love trying new things, so get into the city and start exploring. Just bring a jacket and a good pair of shoes. It's colder than you think, and the hills are gonna kill ya.

Hoboken, NJ
You like to be in the middle of the action. That's what makes you cool. Moving to Hoboken will put you right in between New York City and the Jersey Shore, meaning you're smack dab, right in the center of the party. Traffic won't slow you down, and neither will those money-hungry baby boomers you left behind in whatever post-trendy city you came from. Rent's still cheap (compared to Brooklyn anyway), and you've got your own city-saving, bike-riding superhero. Hoboken Batman is real. Look him up.

Ann Arbor, MI
Ann Arbor is the perfect backdrop to finally start writing your blogging memoirs. With over 100 cafes in the city, you're bound to find enough open-mic nights and French espresso to keep you stimulated. You'll meet plenty more fellow intellectuals who share your same liberal point of view while you explore the city's inexpensive museums, and you'll be inspired by the abstract art that decorates the campus and downtown.

Provo, UT
Salt Lake City is so last season, and Denver is just too crowded anymore. You need to move to Provo, where the beautiful mountain backdrop inspires meditative thinking and the Church of Latter-day Saints keeps everything copacetic. There's no drama in Provo, but there is Google fiber. And while you won't always be able to drink your favorite cheap beer, you will have plenty of opportunities to kick start your life-coaching business.