What Does Your Purse Say About You?

Your purse speaks volumes about you. Do you know what it's saying? Is it telling the truth? Find out with this fun quiz!

Tags: Style, Fashion

Here are all the results with descriptions

All Business
Your classic purses are extremely nice and well made, but they are also very forgettable. They don't attract a lot of attention, but they keep everything in order and never leave anything behind. Your purse is telling everyone that you are all business.

Your purses seem to favor fun prints and accents over functionality. Size really doesn't matter to you when you are picking out the purse of the day. It is more about the pattern and the colors of the fabric. You love a little handmade purse, and you change it up daily. You are also a big fan of vintage purses. Your purses are telling everyone about your fun-loving, whimsical nature!

Your purses tend to be very small. You prefer not to be weighed down with lots of stuff. You aren't a high-maintenance gal, so you don't keep much stuff in your purse. Just a phone, a place for keys, and some money is all you really need. Something you can throw across your body and wear all day without thinking about it is usually your style. Your purse says you are a lighthearted, go-with-the flow kind of gal!

Your purses are often practical more than they are anything else. They have lots of pockets, and they aren't too big or too small. They are never bright or bold colors or patterns. They are nice, neutral colors that go well with everything. You purse is telling people you don't want a lot of attention!

Your designer bags tell everyone you have got it made. You never carry a knock-off, and you never shop department stores. Your bags are the best each season and can cost as much as some people's rent or monthly wages, or even as much as a car! You have money to spend, and your purses let everyone know it!

Hand-me-downs bags from Goodwill or a backpack you have used for years is what carries your essentials from day to day. You are not worried about what people think about your purse or if it matches anything. As long as it doesn't lose the last few dollars you have, it is doing the job. You are broke, and you couldn't care less if your purse lets everyone know. You have bigger things to worry about!