What’s Your Signature Sparkle?

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Your Sense Of Humor
Your signature sparkle is your sense of humor! You can instantly put anyone at ease with your wit and clever way with language. Not only can you find something humorous in just about any situation, but you stay positive even when under the gun!

Your Passion
Your signature sparkle is your passion! You don't just idly drift by in life doing things just because you should. Instead, everything you do is done with passion, gusto, and a true sense of self. You're a truly inspiring person!

Your Kindness
Your signature sparkle is your kindness! Anyone can be nice, but to be truly kind and selfless is a rarity in the modern world. Not only do you value the feelings of others, but you're always looking to make someone else's life just a little brighter!

Your Confidence
Your signature sparkle is your confidence! Anyone can fake it until they make it, but few people know what it's like to be truly confident. You know who you are and what you want. You'd never let anyone stand in your way of being your best self!

Your Creativity
Your signature sparkle is your creativity! Many people claim to be creative, but few individuals have the vision and creative mind that you do. Not only can you see things for what they could be, but your innovative mind can easily craft grand projects and pieces of art from thin air.