Are You A Good Mother?

What does your behavior say about how you are as a mom? Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Strict Disciplinarian
You are an authoritative parent who believes in discipline and obeying the rules. Your children definitely respect your authority, but they may also fear being punished when they fail to meet your exacting standards. Introduce some balance into your parenting to make sure you are supporting your children emotionally as well as disciplining them.

A Principled Mother
You were raised by strict parents and think you should raise your children to the same standards of behavior. But being a harsh disciplinarian is not really your style, is it? Never knowing whether the rules will be enforced or not is confusing to children. It is better to relax your standards a little and create consistent guidelines that the whole household can keep.

A Genuine Mother
Being a great mother means blending discipline and caring. As an authoritative mother, you have mastered the most balanced of all the mothering styles in this quiz, and you guide your kids by using both your head and your heart. Your reward is a healthy relationship with your children and the knowledge that they look up to you as a loving, firm, and fair guardian and role model.

A Mercurial Mother
You are a free-spirited earth mother with an unconventional view of motherhood. Society expects you to raise your children according to norms and standards that you're not sure you agree with, so you are creating your own brand of loving discipline that fits your unique lifestyle.

A Fun-Loving Mother
You are your kids' best friend, and you have an awesome time hanging out and having fun. You don't see why having children should mean being responsible, and you'd hate for your kids to think of you as a mean dictator, so your rules are pretty much the bare minimum. Fun and games might win you the popularity contest as a parent, but a childhood of running wild isn't a balanced preparation for the responsibilities of adulthood.

A Laissez-Faire Mother
You are a hands-off mother who believes that your children should have the freedom to make their own choices. Or maybe you're just overwhelmed with the mountains of other responsibilities in your life and are unable to prioritize being a mom. Whatever the cause, your kids are independent and live with the bare minimum of guidance from you. This has its benefits, but children need a support system to fall back on; so see what you can do to become more active and involved in their lives.