Do You Believe Life Is Too Short To Save Every Penny?

Is saving money a top priority for you, or do you think life is just too short for saving every penny you can?

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Really Good at Saving Money for the Future!
You worry about the future and make the effort to set aside plenty of money for a rainy day. You are a good planner and saver. Keep it up! You won't ever regret having saved money.

Okay at Saving Money for the Future
You have a small nest egg saved up just in case of emergency, but saving money isn't your only priority. You also like to live for the moment, to a certain extent, and don't get too worked up if you don't get any money put away for a few months. Just keep trying to tuck a little away here and there. Life is less stressful when there's a backup plan!

Terrible at Saving Money for the Future--Life Is Just Too Short!
You don't worry about living from month to month. You know life has a way of working itself out, and you don't spend your precious time now worrying about being prepared for an unpredictable future. Your 'live for the moment' attitude helps you have a world of fun and exciting experiences, but it really is a good idea to try to tuck a little away every once in a while. It will just make your life easier!