Are You Wild Or Repressed?

Maybe you're a party animal and maybe you're stodgy, but you just might be in between. Take this quiz and find out!

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Slow down there, Tiger! You might want to take a moment before you act now and then and think about any precautions against danger you might need to take. At least wear a bungee cord before you jump off that bridge and onto a moving train--and wear a life jacket if you decide to go deep-sea swimming at night. Take care of you! Oh, and sometimes calm down and peace out just a little.

You can be wild, but in focused ways. You are capable of making deliberate choices and taking precautions to avoid negative consequences if necessary. You don't stand by hard-and-fast rules, and you often break them, but your risk-taking always seems to end in your being the victor.

You're fun, flirtatious, and just a little bit mischievous. You know how to have fun, and you often are told that you have a tendency toward immaturity or irresponsibility. But hey, at least you're having fun?

You are responsible when it's called for, and you're playful and free when your work is done. You'll take a dare as long as there is no risk of broken limbs or hearts, and you've been known to tell a dirty joke a time or two.

Prim and Proper
You concede to convention most of the time, but you do have a playful side that leaks out now and then--just never too far. You could relax a little bit more and still be a successful and mature person. Live a little!

It's time to unbutton that top button and breathe already! You have far too many rules for yourself and others. It's okay to have fun once in a while. You can even have fun responsibly, if you must. Try it!