What Job Would You Have Had In The 1950s?

Find out where you would have worked in the 1950s!

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A Milkman
You are up with the morning sun and all up in everyone's business. If anyone creeps Facebook from the toilet, it's you. But since this is the '50s, you need a career that's low-tech and lets you be as nosy as you want. As the milkman, you will be the first on every doorstep to hear all the juicy gossip from the night before.

A Carhop
Your insane level of energy belongs on roller skates. Wheel around the diner as the carhop waiter/waitress. Bring everyone their chocolate milkshakes in your knee socks and paper hat. All of your friends will stop by to see you, and even the customers will become your best friends because you're just that easy to get along with!

A Blues Singer
You're blue, really blue. And you're sad all the time because you like being sad. It inspires some of the most beautiful stuff, and for you, it's singing. You will be the most successful blues singer of the 1950s if you ever get over your fear of stage fright long enough to go out there and try!

A Newspaper Cartoonist
You aren't afraid to try new things, and you love convincing other people to try them too! As a newspaper cartoonist, you'll get into the heads of all your readers with your silly comic strips, but in the end, your drawings will start inspiring them to break their routines and change the way they think. You have a knack for bringing out the best in people with your creativity.

An Ice Cream Man
The party doesn't start until you walk in. Everyone practically screams when they hear you coming, and you've got that catchy theme music that can make even the iciest girl in the room melt. We all scream for ice cream!

A Greaser
You're good with your hands and even better with your hair. When you reach into your pocket, no one knows if you're pulling out a comb or a knife. Either way, it intimidates the crap out of everyone! That's what you're going for, isn't it? Just keep working on your car, and let them keep guessing at what you're gonna do next.