Which Painting Are You?

If you were a painting, which would it be? Crazy Picasso or romantic Monet? Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo da Vinci
You are a mystery that everyone wants to solve. You're very popular, and you like to be the center of attention. Your intriguing personality draws people to you. You are confident, a born diplomat. And your exceptional interpersonal skills have helped you achieve success in life.

'The Starry Night' by Vincent van Gogh
You live a relaxing life. You're sensitive and strong at the same time. The power of nature makes you feel humble as a human. You have a transcendent approach to life, and on starry nights, you probably love to gaze at the sky in search of answers.

'Yellow-Red-Blue' by Wassily Kandinsky
You have an artistic soul! You're original and creative, and you live your life by exploring new paths. You have a strong personality and express yourself quite openly. Your life is a bit chaotic, but you don't mind, because that is how you find your inspiration.

'The School of Athens' by Raphael
You're a calm and introverted person. You love books and prefer spending time alone. You love meeting with people to discuss philosophical ideas. You tend to dwell on the past and overthink stuff. Please try to let it go from time to time. Good wine and music might help you with that!

'The Dance' by Henri Matisse
You're definitely a doer! Fast, energetic, and efficient are a few words that describe your personality. You like extremes. You either love or hate. For you, there is nothing in between. You're instinctive and passionate, and you always listen to your heart first. You also love a good party, and you've never missed a chance to dance.

'American Gothic' by Grant Wood
You're quite a worker! Reason rules your life. You're pragmatic and efficient, and your work always comes first. You don't waste time on insignificant stuff. You live a life of austerity, and you always try to save money for the worst times. You're a loyal friend, and you love your country.