What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?

Are you easy to get along with, or too pushy?

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You are pretty well balanced in your relationship - conscious of your boyfriend's needs, but also of your own.

You tend to be clingy and rather needy. Maybe you've been burned before, or you're just afraid - remember to give him a chance.

You are definitely clingy, even fiercely so. You don't want anyone to have your man. Remember that just because he has other friends doesn't mean he doesn't love you.

You are very sensitive and understanding, always looking out for what your boyfriend needs. Don't be afraid to tell him what you need once in awhile too though.

You are the complete opposite of clingy. Remember to slow down and let your boyfriend help you sometimes, not because you need it, but because he does.

Short Term
You believe in loving them and leaving them. Whether you're afraid of commitment or just testing the waters, be careful of the reputation you're making for yourself. It's much easier to build a bad name than to change it.