What Jewel Are You?

A Few Simple Questions To Find Out What Jewel Best Describes Your Personality.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Ah, a diamond, the hardest known material on Earth. You are tough on the outside and on the inside not easily ruffled. Your polished exterior shines for the world to see, but you are actually a pretty private person. That's not to say you never open up, you're just careful who you choose to talk to because it makes you uncomfortable for everyone to know your business. Your toughness helps you to be calm in a crisis, but don't be afraid to let your guard down when it feels right.

Oh my dear ruby, you are a rarity in this world: proud of the things that make you different, you are confident and self-assured. You're not afraid to admit when you're wrong. You often make people laugh with your honesty and impulsivity. Because you're comfortable with your quirks, those around you are attracted to your positivity and light. Just remember that not everyone is quite as comfortable with their quirks, so make sure that refreshing honesty doesn't get you into trouble.

Emeralds are beautiful and delicate. You are open and honest, easily giving of yourself to help others. You're not scared to share your secrets, even though you are quite sensitive and can be easily hurt by those around you. It's a risk you're willing to take to be connected with people. You let everything in, the good and the bad. You get excited by new ideas and disappointed when things don't work out. Your excitement is energizing and inspiring, but it might be smart to be a little more protective sometimes.

Sapphires are one of the most translucent jewels and have a bright sparkle. You have an intensity and zest for life and you like to connect with others and socialize. You make people comfortable with your open and friendly personality. When you have a decision to make, you don't over-think things, but go with your gut instincts. It works out well for you more often than not. When it comes to insults or confrontation, most things slide off your back, but if someone messes with your friends, he or she better watch out.

My lustrous pearl, you are cultured and refined. You are naturally a bit rough around the edges, but tend to show people a more polished version of you. You seem to coast through life easily and with poise, often inspiring awe and admiration from others. To be your close friend is an honor, you stand up for your friends and protect anyone close to you. For your closest friends, you just might let them see the rough edges.

Ah, onyx, a black jewel, right? Actually onyx consists of many layers of different colors, just as you are made up of many beautiful and varied layers. People often consider you mysterious, but you never quite understand why. You are as content staying home as you are going out and prefer real conversation to small talk. You feel that you lead a rather simple life, doing the things you like and spending time with the people who make you smile, but to others, your quiet confidence is intriguing.