What Fictional City Would You Live In?

If you could live in any fictional city from your favorite shows, where would you choose to live?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Twin Peaks
You're attracted to all things dark, strange, and inexplicable. And your favorite band may or may not be Neutral Milk Hotel. So you belong in Twin Peaks, where murder and quantum physics collide. You're one smart cookie, so you definitely recognize this murder scene, but you also have a habit of trusting people you really shouldn't. So watch your back out there.

Bikini Bottom
You take nothing seriously, because where's the fun in that? You just want to flip crabby patties and hunt jellyfish all day, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you could, you would take your vacation to Bikini Bottom and then never leave. SpongeBob would surely let you sleep on his couch!

You're most comfortable in the 'burbs. You like to see and talk to the same people day in and day out. So get yourself a cushy job at the nuclear power plant during the week, and then go harass Comic Book Guy on the weekends. Just prepare yourself for all the random celebrity cameos blowing through your city every few weeks.

It's high time you reinvented yourself! Time to move to Riverdale, where you can literally become whomever you want. Wanna be Betty? Or Veronica? Or maybe you wanna go full rock star and just be Josie? Well, just remember that, while you're rediscovering your true self, you're not normal; you're weird, and people need to know that about you.

You belong in Agrabah. Not only does the rampant parkour really speak to your adventurous side, but you're also looking for romance. And where better to find your true love and your destiny than the city that bred the fabulous Prince Ali?

Shermer, IL
Your angst belongs in Shermer. This city has everything you need: beautifully brooding intellectuals, cute rich boys with nice cars, and parents who try to understand you (most of the time).