Are You Knowledgeable About The Latest Technology?

Wondering if you are in the loop when it comes to new technology? Put yourself to the test!

Here are all the results with descriptions

No Knowledge of Technology
You don't really know much about technology. As far as you're concerned, iPhones are still bulky and small, and feature a little white square on the home button.

Poor Knowledge of Technology
You don't know much about technology, but you know something. It's still better than nothing.

Passable Knowledge of Technology
You know just enough about technology to carry on a decent conversation. It's not a lot, and you certainly can't get too intricate, but you can understand what people are saying.

Good Knowledge of Technology
You know quite a bit about technology. While it might not be as much as others, it's only because you're not an expert.

Super-Expert Knowledge of Technology
You either work in technology or you're an avid reader of technology news. Whatever your secret is, no one should mess with you when talking about tech!