Can We Accurately Guess Your Mental Age?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your mental age is 62! You're smart, cultured, logical, and able to problem solve with ease! You don't become easily frazzled and tend to take every problem one step at a time. Though you might not be as quick on your feet as you once were, you possess the wisdom and logical that only someone who has lived life can really possess.

Your mental age is 25! You're a creative visionary who always thinks outside of the box. Though you might not be grounded in logic, you have a great emotional intelligence and a strong sense of intuition. It's obvious that you're young, quick on your feet, and still interested in learning!

Your mental age is 33! You're the type of person who is always very quick on your feet. You can rationalize and problem solve in minutes, if not seconds. You've got a great knack for common sense and great street skills. Your knowledge is broad, your interests many, and your creativity is high!

Your mental age is 54! Though you might not be as quick on your feet as you once were, you still possess a broad and vast mental skill set. You have great common sense, a unique ability to problem solve, and a great sense of perspective. Though you have sound logic, you also have above average emotional intelligence.

Based on the results of this quiz, your mental age is 41! You're a quick thinking problem solver who never lets things get under your skin. You don't sweat the small stuff and you always keep an open mind. You go with the flow and learn from your experiences. It's obvious that you're wise beyond your years!