Are You Metal Or Punk?

Wondering whether you're metal or punk? Find out right now with this fun quiz!

Tags: Music, Metal, Punk

Here are all the results with descriptions

You love black. You're quite angry yet strangely calm for the most part. And you love anything and everything dark. You're likely to have tattoos, drink dark beer and spirits, and hang out with a bunch of edgy people. You probably love Mastodon.

You love piercings and bright, neon colors, like hot pink or yellow. You like music that's less angry than metal but still relatively angry--more sad, really, but always with a beat. You likely skate or did at one point. You probably love blink-182.

A Metal-Punk Hybrid
You're a bit of both. You love black but also bright colors. You love angry music, like Mastodon, but also listen to punk bands. You are very much more likely to be alternative.