Are You Happy Or Sad?

Wondering if you're happy, or actually just sad and trying to be happy? Find out here!

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You are actually very happy! You're happy with your love life, your home life, your work, and your loved ones. You have family and friends. You have stability. And you certainly feel like you have enough time for yourself and your hobbies. Life is good.

Somewhere In Between
You have a home you love, friends and family, and plenty of alone time for the sake of sanity. But something is missing. Maybe you aren't as happy in your relationship as you thought you were. Maybe you don't have a partner to spend your life with. Or maybe you aren't happy with your job. Whatever it is, it's like the missing puzzle piece. Everything else makes you happy though!

You find yourself not enjoying most things. You may go to the movies, eat something delicious, or get a really good night's rest and still feel off. It's like your ability to feel joy has completely evaporated. This could be a result of several things going wrong in your life, causing your entire outlook to change. Suddenly things just seem pointless. Find something to cheer you up, and make some changes!