What Is Your Dating Superpower?

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Mind Reader
Your dating superpower is that you're a mind reader! Who doesn't want the ability to read minds in a relationship? We can't think of anyone! Having the power to know exactly what's on your partners mind at a given time is truly the number skill people wish they could have.

Hug Extraordinaire
Your dating super power is super human hugs! When you hug someone, they feel it in their soul. There will never be a delicate half hearted hug coming from you. Your hugs could move mountains.

Spidey Sense
Your dating superpower is spidey sense! You can almost certainly tell what's going to happen next just by listening to your intuition and going with your gut. What a power to have in a relationship!

Amazing Memory
Your dating superpower is amazing memory! Remember that one thing your partner mentioned that they wanted in passing months ago? Of course you do! You must be the hero of every holiday birthday with your amazing memory.

Superb Intelligence
Your dating superpower is superb intelligence! There's no chance of your partner ever pulling a fast one on you! With your quick mind and amazing intelligence, you're always one step ahead of the game.