Ready To Find Your New Year's Resolution?

Are you ready to make goals for next year? Take the quiz, and find out what your resolution should be!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

To Get Fit
You must love yourself, but you also know that there's always room for improvement. You really want to be your best self, your best physical self, and that means getting fit!

To Get a Makeover
You are attractive already, but you know full well that you should change up your look every few years! Keep people on their toes, blend with the times, etc. And maybe it's time now. Maybe you need a haircut, a new hair color, a new wardrobe, or even more of a skill-set makeover. Try learning something new, and make yourself more multitalented--maybe learn a new language or take a new cooking class.

To Be Kinder
You are probably nice enough, but it never hurts to be nicer. Maybe practice some patience, some more understanding, some more genuine excitement for other people's achievements. No more feeling second best, competing, or being jealous.

To Improve Your Career Path
You should focus on your career this year. For a long time, everything else in your life has improved continuously, and you're in a place where everything is genuinely going well. But your job isn't. And your career leaves a lot to be desired. And you deserve something more than just a job that you hate but need to do for some kind of money.