How Musical Are You?

Are you always singing, dancing, playing a beat, or whistling a tune? Find out how musical you really are!

Tags: Music, Singing, Dancing

Here are all the results with descriptions

Extremely Musical!
You are musical to your very bones. You can play many instruments. You can sing. And you learn new lyrics almost upon hearing them once. You sing, hum, and whistle your way through every day. You can write songs easily, and you enjoy all kinds of music. Even the beating of your heart is musical!

Somewhat Musical!
You were born to sing along with the radio. You love learning new songs and singing every chance you get. You can even play one or two instruments. You aren't a songwriter or the best singer in the world, but you love music just the same!

Not At All Musical!
You can't carry a tune to save your life. You can't remember names of songs, singers, or even musical genres. You can't play any instruments, and you never catch yourself whistling. Dancing just equals falling for you. You are not at all musical!