Fashion Name Generator

Do you live for fashion? are you constantly designing, styling, or even just window shopping? Let's imagine you were to start an fashion empire. What would you call it?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your fashion name should be Augustine! You are all about the sophisticated and more European styles. You adore put-together looks and quality pieces to complete the ultimate elegant and cosmopolitan wardrobe.

Your fashion name should be enigma! You have always been a fan of staying a bit mysterious and secretive and think your outfits should play to this. You are drawn to darker looks and have a secret penchant for anything noir.

Your fashion name should be Scandale! Think upscale risk and boldness. You've always enjoyed making a bit of scene which is what drew you to fashion in the first place. You're most likely to hope on board with the latest trend.

Your fashion name should be Reign! Like the royal you are, your fashion taste is quite simply- the best. You successfully combine grace and strength in a way that others couldn't even dream of. Reign on.

Your fashion name should be Lis! You are a bit quirky, a bit colorful, and a bit super cool. You are able to fully encapsulate your personality in your style choices, a rare feat indeed. You also consider yourself to be hilarious.

Your fashion name should be Jubilation! You adore fashions of the past and bright, happy colors! You want style to bring joy and nostalgia to all and consider it your mission to spread happiness through stitches.