Could You Handle Being Famous?

Can you handle the heat of the spotlight? Find out with this quiz!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Thriving in the Spotlight
You would be a natural in the spotlight and were pretty much cut out for fame. You understand the downside of being a celebrity and consider it part of the fabulous lifestyle that you would wholeheartedly embrace. Additionally, you understand how to use the downside of fame to make your star shine even brighter, which is the sign of a true icon.

A Natural Celebrity
You would be a natural celebrity! While you can often feel drained by the downside of being famous, you understand that it's part of the lifestyle and goes with the territory of being famous. You don't like it, but the rest of the perks are definitely worth it to you.

Somewhat Capable of Handling Fame
You are somewhat capable of handling fame. While you would want to be famous someday, you aren't really sure you're up for the constant invasion of privacy, work overload, and mental and physical drain that fame would cause you. It's a lot of pressure to become famous and stay in the spotlight, and as glamorous as it may look, it isn't always for everyone.

Uncomfortable in the Spotlight
It takes a lot of physical and emotional energy to become famous and stay in the spotlight--and trust us, fame is not for everyone. While it might sound fun to be famous, the toll it takes is not something that everyone wants to handle. While some thrive on being in the spotlight, others struggle with the downside and are much better off being successful away from the public eye.

Miserable Being Famous
Trust us, you would be miserable being famous! You're probably an introvert who places deep value on your privacy and your personal life, and being a celebrity would go against everything you stand for. Not everyone wants to be famous, and you're a shining example of someone who's perfectly happy staying clear away from the spotlight.