What Colorado Small Town Would Fit You?

Finding the right small-town fit is essential for living happily ever after! What small Colorado town is right for you?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

This small resort town is located near some amazing ski resorts. This is a popular destination for tourists all year long. The town is full of quaint shops and restaurants, and is a great place for artists to showcase their talents. It is also full of lodges, hotels, and many other hospitality opportunities! Your love of outdoor adventures, the arts, and meeting new people make this little town a perfect fit for you.

This small mountain town is perfect for history buffs, as it was built on the ancient remnants of the civilizations of the Basketmakers and Pueblo people. There is no end to the archaeological joy Durango has in store for you.There is also a lot of Victorian-era architecture to enjoy. If you love history and being connected to the past, Durango has your name written all over it!

Leadville is the highest town in the US and is home to historic silver mines. This legendary mining town is home to some classic trains, awesome hiking trails, and fantastic fishing. It also boasts long, long winters! If you don't mind high altitude and love outdoor life, Leadville is the town for you.

Lyons is home to coffee houses, bars, restaurants, and artists. This laid-back little town has a slow pace and a happy smile that you can just feel as you walk the streets. If you are looking to slow down your life, then Lyons is just the right place to be!

Snowmass Village
This small ranching town has a real Western feel. Cowboys are king here. There are weekly rodeos for entertainment and a real sense of community. If you love cowboy culture and friendly neighbors, then Snowmass Village will make you feel right at home.

When you're seeking peace and spirituality, Crestone is the place to go. This once-booming mining town has become a home for spiritual seekers from around the world. If you are seeking enlightenment, trying to become more Zen, or simply looking to become closer to nature and yourself, then Crestone is the perfect location for you to settle down!