How Tea Party Are You?

Are you a member of the Tea Party? Take the quiz, and find out just how Tea Party your beliefs really are.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

100 Percent Tea Party
You are 100 percent Tea Party, but honestly, does that really surprise you? You probably belong to a local chapter of the Tea Party in your city or town, if there is one, and are pretty well versed in your beliefs, mostly surrounding gun control, abortion, universal health care, prayer in schools, and illegal immigration.

75 Percent Tea Party
You're 75 percent Tea Party! What does this mean? Well while your beliefs aren't quite completely drenched in Tea Party ideology, you agree with much of what the Tea Party does. You probably have quite conservative leanings and believe in following the Constitution of the United States as closely as possible.

50 Percent Tea Party
You're 50 percent Tea Party! While you can't say you're completely Tea Party material, you do agree with quite a lot of the Tea Party's stances on issues like gun control, abortion, and illegal immigration. You tend to lean a lot toward populist ideas and take on an 'America First' attitude in foreign policy.

25 Percent Tea Party
You are 25 percent Tea Party! While you aren't completely taken by Tea Party ideology, you can agree with some of the issues that they agree on, even though you don't identify at all with the movement. You might not consider yourself a member of the Tea Party, really, but you do agree with them on some of their stances on lower taxes, illegal immigration, and a few other important issues whether you realize it or not.

0 Percent Tea Party
You are not Tea Party--not Tea Party at all! While we're certain that this doesn't surprise you in the slightest, it's probably good to confirm your beliefs once in a while through quizzes like these. And if this does surprise you, that's great! It's always good to get past the political madness and word soup we get from the press, to really get to the bottom of what you believe in.