Can We Guess How Many People You’ve Kissed In Your Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Just One
You've only kissed one person in your life but you're okay with that. You only kiss people who mean the world to you and so you don't mind waiting for that next special person.

Three People
You've kissed about three people in your life. You don't think it's been many people but you know you'll kiss more as your life goes on.

Five People
You've kissed about five people in your lifetime. You think it's a pretty good amount but you can't wait to kiss more.

Eight People
You've kissed about eight people in your lifetime. That's quite a few people but you wouldn't mind kissing one or two more.

Ten Or More People
You kissed plenty of people in your lifetime and you don't regret it one bit. You're satisfied with how many kissed and you don't really seek to kiss anymore people.