Are You Thunder Or Lightning?

When you're angry, do you rumble from a distance or is your reaction immediate and rather electrifying?


Are You Thunder Or Lightning?

1. What kind of sword you would love to have?

Japanese katana Jedi sword! I'm a pacifist.

2. How often do you get angry?

Very often Only when I have a real reason!

3. Have you ever plotted a revenge plan?

No! Everybody loves me! Of course! It brings such pleasure!

5. You had a long, hard day. When you finally get home, your family knows that _____.

It's better to leave me alone for a while Anything can happen I'll be on my best behavior no matter what

Here are all the results with descriptions

You won't let anybody steal your thunder!! You're fierce and sensational! Everybody knows that you're coming from the distance. You love big entrances, and you're a true force of nature. When you're angry, you're rather unpredictable. Sometimes you can bring a gigantic storm; sometimes your anger just vanishes into the air. All this makes you a wonderful, complex, and interesting human being!

You're a quiet and humble person, but your nature can be misleading to people who don't know you well. Nobody should ever underestimate you! Even if you look like a still pond most of the time, you have this destructive power inside you, so when you lose control, it feels like being in the middle of the tempest. You work fast and walk fast, and everything you do is done in a flash! You're amazing, and people know that you can easily catch lightning in a bottle.