Could You Survive In A Fairy Tale?

Fairy tales are not all stardust and roses. They can be very dangerous--at least in the originals. Would you survive?

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Not Survive
Whether you're a true villain or just a misunderstood foe of the hero or heroine, they defeat you in the end. Maybe you're baked in an oven or made to dance with red-hot shoes of iron, or maybe you fall out of the sky. Maybe, just maybe, you get to lay another curse on your murderer, but it's doubtful that it will take. They usually live happily ever after.

Be a Hapless Victim
Like Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother or the servants at Sleeping Beauty's castle, you got too comfortable and forgot to watch out for wickedness.

Survive, but Not with All of Your Parts
The hero or heroine of the story has decided that they will grant you life, but you will be punished. Like a wicked stepmother or a wicked witch, you will be made to dance in shoes of hot iron or have your eyes poked out by birds. Punishments in fairy tales are harsh like that. So much for the supposed sweet kindness of fairy-tale princesses.

Survive in Poverty
You're neither villain nor hero, and as such, you get neither punishment nor reward. You remain a peasant with a hard life, counting out your beans and your last pieces of thread. If you're lucky, the benevolence of the fairy-tale princess might shine down on you someday, but it's doubtful. She's pretty self-involved.

Survive with Losses
You're the hero of the story, but you suffered some heavy losses along the way. Your grandma was eaten by a wolf, you accidentally smashed your cricket with a hammer, and your brothers were eaten by the Big Bad Wolf.

Congratulations, you would survive in a fairy tale. You're the hero of the story, at least to the reader. To the stepmother, the giant, or the old lady in the woods, you're not so great, so don't let that castle and thousands of adoring peasants go to your head!