What Type Of Girl Am I?

A fun quiz that will help determine what type of girl you are. There are so many categories that girls can fall under. Just think about different sororites and stereotypes of what types of girls belong to each.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are the high society type, you would not be caught dead in some of the places that your family members frequent. You seem to think you are better than most of the patrons that go to the establishment.

School is your first love, nothing comes between you and your studies. This determination is the reason you have multiple degrees. But it also the reason you are since and will probably be single for a long time.

You seriously believe that you are God's gift to men. You think that you are the prettiest person in a given place wherever you go. Your looks dominate your life. Nothing seems to compare to your looks.

You have always been one of the popular girls and since you are, you tend to be a little meaner to the less popular people around you. You aren't a mean person by nature you just seem to feel you can treat people a little different because of your fault status.

You will never know what life actually has in store for you since you are so afraid to try anything. You are so concerned about being rejected by your peers, that you would rather sit in and not try anything at all.

You grew up with a couple of brothers, so you have always been a little rougher that the average girl. As you grew up you fell in love with various sports, while most girls were worried about their outfit, you were worried about making the starting lineup.