What Kind Of Smart Are You?

Everyone is smart in some way or another. It's not all about books and tests. Find out what your smart strength is!

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Naturalist--Nature Smart
You're super smart at telling the difference between the various features of the natural world. But wait, what if you don't think you know much about nature? Well this goes back to evolutionary history. In our modern world, this type of intelligence helps us differentiate between all kinds of things. Like if you were into cars, you'd be able to tell the difference between the different model years of Mustangs at a glance. Back to nature, you'd have a great career in the culinary arts, horticulture, entomology, etc.

Linguistically Smart
You're a word ace. You know, without looking at a dictionary, the difference between similar words, almost by feel. You're also a fast learner when it comes to foreign languages.

Logical--Mathematically Smart
You excel at finding the order in things. You can figure out the aspects of a problem and what it will take to solve it. You can see patterns, understand them, and if there's anything off, put it back the way it goes.

Interpersonally Smart
You are socially intelligent. You know how people think, feel, and act. People may have already asked you if you're an empath because you understand them so well!

Existentially Smart
Ahh . . . people might see you as being wise. You are able to reach outside the thoughts that drive our every day to think on a larger scale about why we exist and what's it all for.

Spatially Smart
You can think about an object and envision it in all its dimensions. You're a 3D thinker. You have an expanded imagination and the ability to use it quickly to 'see' how an object relates to its environment without having to actually see it there. People with heightened spatial intelligence include architects, artists, pilots, and others.