What Is Your True Political Party?

Do you feel solidly Republican or Democrat? Somewhere in between? Farther right or left? So which party is for you?

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Green Party
The Green Party advocates peace, environmentalism, better representation in voting, and social justice--especially in regard to economics. They also strongly support more active participation in decision-making for regular citizens, decision-making at the local level, pushing for gender equality, and working together over the long haul to affect future goals.

Peace and Freedom Party
This party shares ideals with other liberal parties but seeks to affect change at all levels and through hard, determined effort. They believe in social justice for all, fair wages at union levels, social ownership of manufacturing, an end to NATO and the WTO, an end to homelessness, and more. The Peace and Freedom Party does not believe in backing down or playing nice to win friends.

Democratic Party
You're a tried-and-true Democrat. Democrats believe in restoring the middle class, creating good-paying jobs, making corporations and the rich pay their fair share, reining in Wall Street, promoting social justice for minorities and LGBTQ, protecting voting rights, providing universal health care, working against climate change, creating affordable or free education, and more.

Republican Party
You are a true Republican. Republicans believe in economic freedom (capitalism), border control, lower taxes for the wealthy and corporations, abortion bans, traditional marriage (one man and one woman), a tougher stance on crime, and military support.

Libertarian Party
Libertarians believe foremost in freedom. They believe that all people should be able to pursue their lives as they see fit, as long as it does no harm to anyone else. They want to reduce government involvement, cut or eliminate taxes, and limit government to only one function: protecting individuals from force or fraud. Libertarians also believe the path to citizenship should be made much easier.

Constitution Party
The three pillars of the Constitution Party are Integrity, Liberty, and Prosperity. They seek to limit government to its constitutional functions under an originalist interpretation of the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended it to be understood. They believe that people have rights from conception to death, that the Constitution only gave a few powers to the federal government, and that other powers should be given back to the states. And they believe in a divinely instituted nuclear family.