What Kind Of Sinner Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Lustful Sinner
You are a lustful sinner. You crave passionate, physical touch. Perhaps a bit more than some think you should. We think you're just having fun and exploring what life has to offer. With that said, you tend to make decisions based on physical wants rather than logic.

Gluttonous Sinner
You are a gluttonous sinner. At times, it truly seems as if you can't be fulfilled by anything. You have trouble feeling satisfied in life, be it with relationships, food, or a career. You always crave more, and fear that if you stop or settle, that you will miss out on something good.

Greedy Sinner
You are a greedy sinner. It's not wrong to want nice things in life or to be financially stable, but sometimes we can cross a line into the territory of being a tad greedy. Let's face it, we're all a bit guilty of this sin at times. More money never feels like a bad thing, just don't let the satisfaction of some green, keep you from being fulfilled by other things.

Dishonest Sinner
You are a dishonest sinner. When it comes to the little white lie, you are the queen. Despite often using lies to spare the feelings of others, you can at times use lies to boost your own profile. Perhaps you're guilty of embellishing a story or making that party you went to, sound quite a bit cooler than it was. Whatever you're crime, we can all agree that dishonesty is never the best policy.

Envious Sinner
You are an envious sinner. At times, you can feel a bit too envious or jealous of what others have. Often this comes from not being fulfilled in a certain area of your own life or fearing that you are somehow inadequate. If feeling jealous or envious in the future, remember that you are who you are because that is exactly who you are supposed to be, change comes in time, and one day you will have all that you seek.