How 90's Are You?

Wondering just how 90's you are? Take the quiz and find out!

Tags: Period, Style

Here are all the results with descriptions

Super 90's!
You are as 90's as it gets. You totally hate today's music, and strive toward listening to 90's music whenever you can help it. You hate social media, hate texting, miss the days when combat boots and dark lipstick were the norm, and live in a way that's as close to the 90's as possible in this day and age. Did we mention your closet?

Mostly 90's
You believe that Hip-Hop and Rap stopped being good in 1999. You remember Y2K and that dial-up noise. Using a pay phone and getting home after school to watch music videos on TV. You're mostly 90's.

Moderately 90's
You listen to some grunge bands and you are a sucker for plaid shirts, but you're not the most 90's person out there. You're not about to run around with bedhead and baggy jeans.

A Tiny Bit 90's
You like the grunginess of the 90's, and occasionally wear things that are reminiscent of the 90's. It's rare that it happens, and a lot of the time, you have no idea that you're doing it. You're just a little bit 90's.

Not 90's At All
You were either born in the 70's, or the 2000's, but either way, you're not 90's in the slightest. You don't understand what it's like to wear fishnets and camo while hanging out at a skatepark and listening to angry music. If you wear 90's outfits now, you're just doing it as a trend.