How Traditionally Masculine Are You?

The topic of masculinity is very prominent in our culture today. Take this quiz and you can discover just how traditionally masculine you are. . . or aren't!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Very Masculine
You are a man's man. Everything about you is super masculine. Any cliche male stereotype about masculinity that there is you fit. Whether or not masculinity was thought of in the traditional way you would probably still have those characteristics as that's just who you are.

At your core, you are very masculine. You look masculine and think traditional masculine thoughts. There's nothing wrong with that, but don't be afraid to explore other sides to your personality as well!

Pretty Masculine
You're slightly more masculine than anything else, but you have multiple sides to you. There are parts of you that embrace the non-traditional view of what a man should be and other parts that express themselves masculinely.

Slightly Masculine
No one would call you hyper-masculine, but you do have some traditionally masculine tendencies. They are there but aren't as apparent at first glance. Sometimes this can make you feel insecure, but you shouldn't. Fitting in is boring.

Not Very Masculine
Overall, you have very little traditional masculine qualities. You fall more on the opposite side of the spectrum. You embrace who you are and do not let societies opinions hold you back in any which way.

Not Masculine
You really buck traditions. You love yourself as you are even if that means you are as little masculine as possible. You are sure and true of yourself and that s what is important. Don't forget masculinity is a construct anyways!