Can You Be Tricked?

Are you gullible or are you someone who cannot be tricked? Answer these tricky questions to find out if you are too clever to be tricked or too trusting to detect a scam.

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Easily tricked.
You are gullible and get tricked easily. You are willing to trust people, perhaps even when you know you should not. You may be too willing to think that other people are honest and have good intentions, or you just have little or no faith in your own instincts. Start listening to your gut more!

Sometimes gullible, other times not.
You are not gullible or too trusting, but you are also not too suspicious either. Sometimes, you get tricked, and other times, you know what is going on before you get pulled in. You probably generally get along well with other people and have a lot of social skills.

No one can pull the wool over your eyes. You can see a trick coming a mile away. Of course, you may also be too suspicious, which can seriously impact your ability to get along with people. You need to trust people to some extent to find success in the world.