Can We Guess Your University Degree?

Looking for ideas, or looking to see if we are right? Your answers to these random questions let us guess what your major was in university or college or what you will go to university to study.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Letters: English, History, Cultural Studies, Communications, Journalism, or Film
You are naturally fascinated with stories and the way people define and express themselves. Or, you are just too curious and have too many interests to study and follow one narrow major for the rest of your life. A major like this lets you follow your curiosity and engage with various fields of study. Moreover, you may have a desire to share knowledge with other people and make the world a more inclusive place.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math
Your curious, analytical, and enjoy working with systems. You want to figure out how things work and want to make things work. You have an objective approach to life: either it works or it does not, and there are real, practical solutions to problems. You may dream about making the world a better place and of solving real-world problems or simply in helping humans overcome their limitations.

The Professions: Business, Law, Accounting, Finance, Political Science, or Economics
You are a very ambitious person who likes to be seen as a leader, or to be a person with specialized knowledge who knows how things actually work. You want to be the person actually making things happen. You want prestige and respect, and the ability to write your own ticket. You are willing to work hard and put a lot of focus on your career in order to make it.

Social Sciences: Psychology, Sociology, Education, Anthropology, Neuroscience, or Social Work
You are naturally curious about human behavior and the human experience. You know that no matter what advances in technology humans create, or what laws they implement, they are still creatures bound by their human nature, and that the human mind is still truly the last frontier. You believe that by understanding each other, and what makes us similar and different, can we truly advance as a species

Health Sciences: Nursing, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Pre-Med, Biology, Sports Medicine
You want to help people, and you are interested in health and fitness. However, you are still drawn to the hard sciences. You have a strong stomach and a stronger mind, because sometimes helping people and trying to cure them can also be an emotional drain. You also like to think on your feet and can separate your emotions from your actions and remain cool under pressure.

Art: Studio Art, Music, Ceramics/Sculpture, Photography, Theater, Drama, Design, or Architecture
You are a born artist, and this is your passion in life. You see the world differently and want to express yourself creatively. You do not care what anyone says, because being an artist is who you are, not a job. You may follow your passion for the rest of your life, always honing your skill, trying new forms of self-expression and social commentary through art.