Am I In Love?

Wondering if you really, truly are in love? Stop second-guessing and worrying! Just take this insightful quiz and put your overanalyzing aside for a change.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

In Deep, True Love
You are in deep, true love, which means, more than anything, commitment. You feel a great attraction to your partner, and you're feeling all those lovey, gushy feelings, sure, but you're not wearing your rose-tinted glasses anymore. Beyond the honeymoon phase, you're seeing your partner for who he/she is and embracing them, flaws and all.

In Romantic Love
You are in romantic love, which is better known as the honeymoon phase. It means that you're in that overly flirty, gushy, love stage where your partner can do no wrong. Your partner couldn't possibly have flaws. And your little spats? Well, let's say you are quick to forgive and forget, and may compromise a lot.

You are attracted to someone. Maybe you really like their sense of style, their hair, their walk or the sound of their voice. But attraction to certain aspects of a person doesn't mean you are attracted to the person as a whole. And it certainly doesn't mean you're in love. It means you may need to invest some time to better get to know this person. You won't know if there's more to their hair or smell until you go deeper.

Trying to Convince Yourself That You're In Love
You met someone and they are amazing. On paper, they really are everything you could ever possibly want. But see there's a catch: you're not in love with them. You're not even that attracted. The problem? It's the timing. Chances are you've been through a lot and you're not quite ready to let someone new into your life. Take it easy, hope that this person is patient and willing to take a gamble, and stop forcing things.