How Well Do You Know Medical Terminology?

Want to test your medical terminology? Then take this quiz! But fair warning, it may not be as easy as you think. So seriously brush up on those terms!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

No Knowledge Of Medical Terms
It seems you are blissfully unaware of pretty much every medical term out there. Either you're a very new student in a medical program, or you're just a curious person wondering how much you know without actually studying in any medical program.

Poor Knowledge Of Medical Terms
You know very little about medical terminology. You know enough to sort of understand what certain things may mean, but it may just be because some terms are just plain obvious. Otherwise, anything too intricate, you have no idea.

Passable Knowledge Of Medical Terms
You know a little about medical terminology. Not a lot, but enough to get a C on an exam, or be able to talk about medical terms with someone and still... know a few things. Not a lot though. May want to study!

Good Knowledge Of Medical Terms
You know a fair amount about medical terminology! It's not expert knowledge, but it's alright. You would probably get a B on an exam, and be able to carry a conversation about the subject with your peers.

Super Expert Knowledge Of Medical Terms
You have super expert knowledge of medical terms, which means you're either a medical professional, or you're studying to become one. And you know how to study. You probably study a lot. Congratulations on helping others and being rich!