What Is Your Ancient Egyptian Symbol?

Answer these questions to learn which Egyptian symbol best suites you. Egyptian symbols are known to be powerful. One can truly appreciate Egyptian art and symbols.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You have always believed in balance. For every Alpha, there is an Omega, for every ying, there's yang. You believe that men and women were made to balance each other out. You are a firm believer that opposites attract. That is why the Ankh is your symbol; it is all about the two halves balancing each other out

You are a believer. You are devout in your faith. You believe in creation and not evolution. That is why the Sesen is the perfect symbol to represent you.It symbolizes life, creation, and rebirth. Morals and values are important

Udjat Eye
Also known as the all seeing eye. This symbol represents you because you are a protector. You look after people. You make sure everything that is going on so that the people under your care/supervision are able to go home in one piece. You will with your ever watchful eyes make sure of this

Crook and Flail
You are a born leader. You have aspirations to run for local offices someday. You have served as class president of your school, as well as, other organizations you are affiliated with. The crook and flail is your symbol because it represents power and authority

You are a very private person. You keep to yourself and don't allow people to know much about you. You are a mystery to most an enigma, and for that reason the Sphinx is your symbol. The Sphinx stood for hidden secrets and mystery.

You are a warrior soldier. You have served your country and you are very proud of that service. And that is why Sobek is your symbol. Sobek was the God of strength and power and was the patron of the Egyptian army and royal warriors.