Can We Guess How You Look?

Whether you realize it or not, your personality, career, and even your pet give clues about how you look! We will ask you some 'silly' questions, but at the end we will guess your looks!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

tall, dark, and handsome.
Well, if you are going to look like a stereotype, this is a pretty great one to choose. Most people find you attractive, and you have a great personality to go along with your looks. Congratulations, you are the total package.

a short, brunette bombshell.
You are vertically-challenged with dark features, but that doesn't mean you are short on personality. You are a bombshell in every sense of the word. You are enthusiastic and your style grabs the attention of everyone you meet.

a chubby hipster with a hidden agenda.
You are a study in contrasts. Though you wouldn't describe yourself as a hipster, your trendy outfits and gentrified manners place you firmly in this category. However, you have a body that everyone wants to hug, but they are afraid to because of your mysterious nature. What's your secret?

the coolest metrosexual biker ever!
Your attitude and your look screams bad to the bone, but you somehow make that bone look delicious, baby! You take care of yourself and make sure you are always looking your best. Bike or no bike, you intimidate everyone with your imposing figure, but we know you have a definite soft side in there somewhere.

an exotic Bohemian with trendy glasses and a smile to kill.
Your style is relaxed and carefree, but we suspect you plan it that way. You look smart in your glasses, and your smile makes you approachable. Thank goodness for that, because somewhere you have picked up an alluring air of foreign mystery.

an artsy rocker with an eye for the original.
Where's your guitar? You have daring hair, fitted clothes, and a body that turns heads. You look like at any moment you are either going to belt out a rock song or pull a paintbrush out of your pocket and do a quick mural on the wall! You are original and your clothes reflect your unique personality.