What Attracts People To You?

A short quiz that will give you an idea of what others notice first about you or what makes people fall in love with your demeanor. Maybe your drive to help others makes people admire youor pehaps it's your perfect smile. Take a fun quiz to find out

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What Attracts People To You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Sense of humor
You are a bundle of joy to be around. You instantly light up a room the moment you step into it. People love to be around you because it seems as if nothing ever gets you down. You have always had an uncanny ability to put a smile on people's faces.

Your drive
People are attracted to you because you have tunnel vision. Once you decide to accomplish a goal you set out to do just that, but what impresses people the most about you; is when you fall short of reaching that foal you never let it defeat you. You are always upbeat because you believe in yourself when no one else does

People always have been and always will be attracted to a leader and you are a great one. You don't crack under pressure and you always rise to the occasion. When tough decisions need to be made you will make them and you will never ask someone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself. But what makes you a special leader is, when it's time to follow, you will do that too

When they said you would give a person a shirt off your back, they were literally talking about you. You are extremely empathetic to those in need. When someone needs a friends to listen, you are that friend. You volunteer for countless organizations and you do it not for any recognition, but you know that you have been blessed and you just want to bless others.

Everyone likes a bad boy/girl, right. You are the classic case of if they tell them to stay away from you they will do the exact opposite. You have always had a rebellious spirit. You have never been open to conformity. You buck the system at every turn. Sometimes it has landed you in some trouble while other times it has paid dividends. Even though you're a rebel, your rebellious spirit comes from a place of caring. There is always a reason for your madness

Sense of adventure
Your life is one big bucket list and people love that about you. They want to be near you for the adventures they know you will take them on or hear the stories from some of your adventures. You live life to the fullest with no regrets and people appreciate that in you because not everyone is that brave. You give people hope from the amount of courage you exude and that is why they truly love being around you.